Our lonely society makes it hard to come home from war

4th of July and veterans suffering from PTSD

Please mindful of those veterans around you and the fireworks. For some of us it is still very traumatic to hear loud sounds that would remind us of combat. I am not saying do not celebrate with firework just be aware that some veterans could be upset from the noise. The worst case scenario would be that a veteran comes out of his house shooting his weapons. God Bless America and those that keeps it save.



Retreat Center for PTSD and Families dealing with PTSD. Louisville, KY

Sanctuary Trauma and the ‘Sacred’ This is also a problem in the USA

Some Veterans experience traumas beyond the battlefield. One of these can be called, “sanctuary trauma”. A concept developed by Dr. Steven Silver, sanctuary trauma “occurs when an individual who su…

Source: Sanctuary Trauma and the ‘Sacred’

Veterans Face Traumas Beyond PTSD. (We come back from a war to fight another war but in this war we don’t get to shoot back.)

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) has become a familiar and frequently used concept in recent years. Although PTSD is a major issue faced by our returning troops, it has become somewhat of an u…

Source: Veterans Face Traumas Beyond PTSD

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