Who are the 22 veterans?

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In 2012, a VA report stated that an average of 22 veterans died by suicide in both 2009 and 2010. Recently, this number has become popularized in the 22 push-up challenge, bringing awareness to the issue of suicide among veterans. In the wake of this popular campaign, I want to bring attention to a question that has often been left out of the conversation: who are these veterans and why are they dying by suicide?

Take a few moments to study the table from the report. Can you spot what is happening?

Veteran suicides

Notice what happens in the 50-59 age group? Veteran suicide begins to outpace non-veteran suicide, with the gap steadily increasing with age. To answer the question of who these 22 veterans are, notice the main finding: “More than 69% of Veteran suicides are among those age 50 and older.”

In addition to this age demographic, other tables in the report…

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Military Identity

When leaving the military, many veterans feel they are leaving more than just a job. They are leaving a vocation, a family, and a mission. They are leaving a way of life based on shared experiences, shared purpose, and a bond built on trusting others with your life. Even among those who have not deployed, the the military fosters a strong sense of identity among its members, based on this highly communal way of life.

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Attention, announcement

A brother service man Marine has two apartments available for rent. He prefers to rent to veterans. He owns a two-family home in Roselawn, Ohio. One apartment in the home is 1 bedroom/1 bath and the other apartment is 2 bedroom/1 bath.

For more information, contact Ken 513-305-1459 or email  steezoinc@gmail.com. 

Cincinnati honor flight

This morning 72 veterans left Cincinnati International Airport (CVG)  to Washington D.C to visit the war memorials.



They will be returning back to tonight about 2100