Why Veterans Die by Suicide

Originally posted on Social Health:
To answer the question of why veterans die by suicide, we must first consider the reasons why anyone might be driven to consider this option. Than, we must consider how this knowledge applies to the unique experiences of veterans. Suicide is a reaction to extreme psychological pain. Suicide is not…

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Who are the 22 veterans?

Originally posted on Social Health:
In 2012, a VA report┬ástated┬áthat an average of 22 veterans died by suicide in both 2009 and 2010. Recently, this number has become popularized in the 22 push-up challenge, bringing awareness to the issue of suicide among veterans. In the wake of this popular campaign, I want to bring attention…

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Transition & Emergency Services

TVCA Tristate Veteran Community Alliance This organization is committed to help veterans in transition and or need in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and south-east Indiana. They work with over 100 organizations in the Tristate area dedicated to help veterans. Their mission is to stream line the process to receive any help the veterans or their family […]

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