Anxiety Management Tips for Parents Facing the Holidays

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Parenting is tough at any time of year, but when the holidays roll around, look out!  It’s that magical time of year when anxiety can kick in and take over – overthinking, overeating, overspending.  Next thing you know you’re just over it, all of it.  But you know what?  You can overcome it, and here’s how.

Connect, connect, connect

You know those people in your life who make you feel good and you smile when you think about them?  Spend time with those people during the holiday season.  The positive people who lift you up help lower your stress levels and remind you of all of your best qualities.  And if family members or friends offer to lend you a hand during the holidays, take it!  Accepting help doesn’t mean you are a lesser mom, it means you are smart enough to allow people who care about you to help out during the holiday season.

Talk with the kids

The American Psychological Association recommends that you talk with your kids about the holiday season.  Take opportunities to tell your children about all the different ways to celebrate the holidays, like which traditions your family embraces and why.  It’s also time to share with them what other families might believe and how they celebrate, or why they don’t celebrate.  Some experts suggest starting a new tradition or ritual with the holiday season.  It helps your family feel like one cohesive unit, which helps parents and kids develop better coping skills.

Enjoy self-care

Find some fun and relaxing ways to enjoy yourself this holiday season.  Eat right, exercise, get your nails done, go to a movie.  I know, your schedule is so tight you can’t squeeze any of that in.  But you need to make time, because it’s good for you, and you deserve it.  Start by taking time out of the tv schedule to go for a walk with the kids, it’ll be good for all of you!


According to the HelpGuide, volunteering can be a boost to your mental health and help reduce your anxiety.  The holiday season offers a wealth of volunteer opportunities.  You can work at a soup kitchen or ring a bell outside a department store.  It’s a great opportunity to talk to your kids about helping others and actually demonstrating ways to do it, too.  And hey, take the kids with you!

Be realistic

The holidays are an important time to check your perspective.  Are you setting unrealistic expectations?  You don’t need to be all things to all people, and this doesn’t need to be the “picture perfect” holiday.  Those things that you don’t get done before or during the holiday season will be waiting for you when the season is over.  You can catch them up then.  Don’t have time or energy to clean the house?  Hire a maid service!  It’ll free you up to get your shopping done, enjoy the kids while they are off from school, maybe even do some of that self-care stuff you don’t believe you can squeeze in!  You may be thinking it’s too expensive, but according to HomeAdvisor the average price in Cincinnati is between $113 – $232, and takes about four hours.  Totally worth it!

Change your beliefs

The holiday season won’t last forever, and you have a great track record – you survived every holiday season before this one.  Set goals you can manage, and when the little voices in your head say you can’t do this, know that you can.  If a day is getting away from you, roll with it!  The experts at Psychology Today tell us we get into trouble as parents when we try to stick too hard to our normal routine during the holiday season.  Let it go!  Instead of thinking “out of control,” think “child-like fun!”

Enjoy the joy!

Don’t lose track of yourself and get stuck in a season of anxiety – keep this a season of joy.  Flex your schedules, flex some rules, and do some things for yourself.  You’ll come through the season with flying colors!

Free Life Saving App

FREE mobile application for suicide prevention.

This is the most important part of the app I think. In the moment of despair or desperation we are not going to remember to dial 800 274 8255 and press 1 on tap of it all. In those moment dialing a phone number is the furthers thing in our minds. With 3 taps we can be connected to a person. Tap on the red phone, tap on the phone number, and tap call we will be connected to a life person who happens to also be a veteran that will help us right away. I personally called them and they are very nice and knowledgeable. It is really refreshing to speak to another veteran in a time of need.

Like I mentioned before, the app is not only for veterans but all those that want to help prevent veteran suicide. Even if you don’t have a veteran near you knowing about the app and how it can help is useful in case you encounter a veteran or a veteran in distress.

For an Android Device they should be redirected to:

For an iOS Device they should be redirected to:

Free Listing of Veteran’s Own Companies

FREE mobile application for suicide prevention.

I will be putting together a list of Veterans Own Business. I am going to do this to bring the veteran community together. With this initiative I intent to promote my brothers and sisters hard work and creativity. I would chose to do business with company or services owned by veterans. This way our community can come together and help on another

“I am my brothers keeper”

This one entry is Marine friend that owns a remodeling company in Cincinnati, Ohio. My hope is to include all veterans own businesses around the nation.

For an Android Device they should be redirected to:

For an iOS Device they should be redirected to:

FREE mobile application for suicide prevention


Under this tab you will find a list of about 30 links that will connect you with organization that committed to help veterans specially to prevent suicide. Most of the organizations are national except the last one on the list that is local to Cincinnati, Ohio. On my next update I will include local organizations from other cities and state. The information is not only for veterans it is also for civilians and love once that want to help veterans. By getting familiar with the app a common person can help a veteran.

I can directly speak about three of the organizations.

1.       Wounded Warrior Project, oh thou with some controversy few years back it is a very committed organization to the well being of the warriors. I have been to Soldier Ride a three-day program to enrich the lives of the veterans it is a more community builder event. Another event I have taken part in is Project Odyssey, this is a kind of 4 days retreat for PTSD warriors. Project Odyssey is a game changer and a life saving event.

2.       Operation Home Front, this organization paid some of my bills directly after I lost my job.

3.       Simper Fi Fund, this organization mailed a check to pay for the repairs of my car so I could go to school after I lost job

You need to have your DD214 or any other document to prove your service.

For an Android Device they should be redirected to:

For an iOS Device they should be redirected to:

PTSD Facts in mobile app

In this tab you can find some general information about PTSD and some other links for more information. You can also find a FREE book, Making People Change by Dr. Steve Rose. The book is not a PTSD but it has useful information to deal with people with mental health. Dr. Rose is a Dr in sociology and he has a blog where he presences the effects of society on PTSD.

Mobile Application

This is how the app looks once downloaded or connected. I hope you can understand the flow of the app. It is pretty simple now but it will evolved to have more services and even places that offer military discount.

Suicide Prevention Mobile Application

As you may have noticed,  I have not been posting the last couple of weeks. The reason is I’ve been devoting all my time and effort to complete a project I spoke about a few weeks back.
I would like to introduce my initiative “Suicide Prevention App” named “No Warriors Left Behind”. The app is currently in its infancy stage. There will be more information and upgrades to come in the future.
I’d like to hear your response about the app and hope it will prevent someone from taking their own life. The app is published in the Android store and Google Play. It’s not currently available in the Apple store, as the publishing process for the Apple/ITunes takes a bit longer. As soon as it is in the Apple store, I will let you know.
I am compiling a list of all the suggestions from you so I can modify the app for needs. I am doing this for the veteran community. My goal is to save lives and improve the living standards of all services members, and their families, and to bring the veteran community together. This app is our way to give back to the ones that have given so much.
Under PTSD facts is a book written by Dr. Steve Rose title Making People Change it is not a PTSD but it has good information about helping people with mental health problems.  as freedom is not free!

Re-director Links

The URL you chose for your app can redirect users to different sites, depending on the device they use to access it. When people visit:

On an Android Device they should be redirected to:

On an iOS Device they should be redirected to:

On other Mobile Devices they should be redirected to:

On a Desktop browser they should be redirected to: